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(Follow this blog for latest news & updates on the True Church and News pertaining to it. It also provides info on the Historic Details of the Pontifical Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as requested by Our Lady of Fatima)

(Read about the Siri Thesis, The Historic 1988 A.D. Meeting with "Cardinal Siri," His writings on Modesty etc.)

(Provides a pictorial study of the Roman Rite's Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. It contains more than seventy classic b/w photos with text, which are organized to help the Catholic Faithful better understand the various actions of the priest, God's representative at the altar. Its intention is to to help the Faithful to use the Missal more intelligently and to appreciate the sacredness of the Catholic Churches greatest treasure, The Holy Mass.)

(Dedicated to fullfilling Our Lady of Fatima's request of establishing throughout the world Devotion to The Immaculate Heart of Mary. Contains the illustrated story of the Blessed Virgin Mary's appearance at Fatima, Portugal in 1917 A.D.)

(The former version of with True Catholic News for The Church in Eclipse. "Uncompromising Catholic Militancy")

(Read the Heroic Life of the King of Rome, His Holiness Pope Pius IX.)

(Learn about this great Catholic Saint of the 20th Century who was both a mystic and stigmatist.)

(View splendid Holy Catholic images while praying the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Prayers are in both Latin and English. It also lists other most powerful Marian Devotions.)

(Dedicated to the Suffering Souls in Purgatory. See how you can perform a spiritual work of mercy by helping to free the poor souls from their pains.)

(St. Colman Mac Duagh (560-632 A.D.), is one of Ireland's most beloved Saints. View the beautifully illustrated life story of this Holy Irish Bishop and Monk.)

(Few sins have been so misunderstood as has been the Sin of Liberalism. Read Fr. Salvany's classic book Liberalism is a Sin online here, to better guard yourself against today's most pernicious and deadly error.)

(St. Simon of Trent was a Catholic child who was secretly abducted and murdered by Jews in the city of Trent, Italy in 1475 A.D. Saint Simon was officially canonized by Sixtus V and is venerated as a Holy Catholic martyr to this day.)

(Provided for the betterment of your soul is the timeless Baltimore Catechism. The Traditional Catholic Faith is taught here in a clear and concise, Question and Answer format, which can easily be memorized and understood, and then quickly applied by members of the Church Militant to defend their Faith against the enemies of the Church.)

(Read The Holy Rule of St. Benedict with beautifully illustrated, rare Catholic works of art. The sacred maxims of St. Benedict's Holy Rule are intended to lead ones soul more quickly on the path of perfection and ultimately to its heavenly home.)

(Read the Catholic Teachings of St. Peter and His Apostles as written in the Didache (circa 96 A.D.) Historically these sacred instructions are [also] known as The Lord's teaching to the heathen by the Twelve Apostles.)

(The Council of Trent condemned the errors of the Protestant Revolters, and shone as a beacon to all the world. Its clear doctrines, authoritative pronouncements, and overall influence, has rightfully gained The Council of Trent its title as the greatest council in Church History.)